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The new stereogranimator from NYPL Labs

You can always stop by the trusty New York Public Library for "conversations" with the literary elite and a perusual of one the world's most extensive book collections.

But these days you don't necessarily need to leave home to take advantage of the institution. Here, what's new online:

eBook Central You probably already know you can borrow books for your Nook or Kindle, but figuring out how to do so is easier said than done. The library's new eBook Central webpage provides simple instructions and tips for downloading digital material--including books, music and videos--onto any major device.

Pay your fines online In a perfect world, we'd never owe $40 in fines for the third Hunger Games book. At least now we can clear our debt easily (and sans public humiliation) thanks to the just-launched credit card payment functionality. Clean slate, here we come.

Stereogranimator This new NYPL Labs Web tool lets users recreate the effect of 19th-century stereoscopy via modern-day technology. Online visitors can choose from among more than 40,000 original, archival photos from which to "make" a wiggly, 3-D stereograph and share the weirdly hypnotic results as a link or rotating GIF file. It's addictive, we promise.

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