It's great that nut milks are lower in fat and calories than cows' milk, but their thin, watery consistencies still have us making a beeline for the half-and-half.

OMilk may make converts out of us yet. Founders Julie and Greg Van Ullen started their organic-and-vegan-milk-delivery business with the desire to lose weight for their wedding, but we're reaping the health benefits--and convenience--of their made-to-order almond and cashew milks.

While cows'-milk substitutes can be laden with preservatives and stabilizers, OMilk's raw nuts undergo a 12-hour process of soaking, blending and pressing that makes for creamy, nutrient-dense milks ($4 to $12).

We drink the agave-sweetened almond milk with coffee and make oatmeal with the vanilla-and-cinnamon-spiced cashew version. In addition to everyday alternatives to dairy, the Van Ullens have a roster of seasonal varieties like chocolate-candy-cane almond milk, flavored with dark-chocolate syrup and peppermint extract. (They're experimenting with lemongrass-infused coconut milk for spring.)

The duo personally deliver their milks anywhere in the five boroughs on weeknights, with a $20 minimum order. OMilk stays fresh for about five days--just about when you'll want to schedule next week's delivery.

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