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From J.D. Salinger's midtown meanderings to Jon Stewart's comedic quips, nobody tells a story like a New Yorker. Two new books explore the writings of the city's famous inhabitants for a composite picture that's both ultraglamorous and refreshingly quotidian.

My City, My New York Though we all have our own beloved local hangouts, it's fun to think about where the city's famous inhabitants like to spend their time. This new book allows you to do just that, revealing well-known New Yorkers' favorite places--from Matthew Broderick's ideal bike ride to Daniel Boulud's recommended pizza joint. Other contributors include Tina Fey, Liz Smith and Michael Bloomberg.

New York Diaries When Pulitzer Prize-winner and avid diarist Teresa Carpenter began searching archives, libraries and estates for well-known New Yorkers' journal entries, what she stumbled upon was four centuries' worth of gritty, joyous love for the city that never sleeps. Starting on January 1 and traveling day by day through the year, these short writings--from the likes of Albert Camus, Allen Ginsberg and Joyce Carol Oates--form a rich mosaic familiar to anyone lucky enough to live here. We particularly love Andy Warhol's admission that, despite his many social engagements, he'd rather stay home and dye his eyebrows.

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