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We've already told you where to go for puppy portraiture and how to reserve canine spa services. But as any pooch spoiler knows, there's no end to the borderline ridiculous things you'll do for your four-legged friend.

Enter Dood, a new NYC-based, all-natural-dog-food company that may seem a tad frivolous but actually makes a lot of sense for pup owners looking for fresher, healthier fare.

All Dood products ($2 to $17 a day, depending on dog size) are delivered to your door and made to order with USDA certified meats, whole grains and fresh vegetables. The results--beef with peas, carrots and parsley and turkey with potatoes and brown rice, to name a few--look surprisingly appetizing.

We called upon our terribly discerning dog for a taste test. Upon checkout we were prompted to enter his weight, breed, activity level and current diet, and a few days later, we received a chilled, vacuum-sealed bag containing eight portions specifically designed for him.

Dood can be delivered weekly or monthly and served either warm or cold--though apparently heating best enhances the flavors.

As for our dog? Let's just say that now he gets all Pavlovian the second he sees the packaging.

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