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It’s Tuesday. You just rode a steamy, crammed 6 train. Coffee is officially all over your blouse. The fax machine is possessed. And Carol will just...not...shut up.

It'll be okay. Take a breath, close your office door and put on “Lady Luck.”

Better, right?

This energetic yet smooth little number comes from New Yorker Lulu Gainsbourg--son of singer Serge and half-brother of actress Charlotte.

Clearly he’s got music in his blood, but this is one of his first forays into original tunes. His last album, From Gainsbourg to Lulu, was a fantastic collection of covers in memory of his dad. (You may remember hearing his rendition of “Bonnie & Clyde” but were probably distracted by the fact that his duet partner was Scarlett Johansson.)

Though the forthcoming album doesn’t release until February 2015, you can expect songs as equally funky as the first single. How do we know? Because the band consists of Jamiroquai’s bassist and drummer and Freddie Mercury’s ghost. (Gainsbourg plays the Queen frontman’s original piano on the record.)

Until then, download “Lady Luck,” add it to your subway-commute playlist and have a way better Tuesday.

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