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Fall in love with Acadian food at King Bee
Fun fact: also poutine.

Everyone in New York is from somewhere else. Maybe that’s why our food options are so extensive: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Spanish, Southern, Greek...Acadian?

King Bee is here to put the last one on the map.

The new East Village hole-in-the-wall serves dishes inspired by the 18th-century French colonists who settled in eastern Canada and Louisiana. (Yep, a big ole mash-up of Nova Scotia and New Orleans.)

Instead of the usual Cajun suspects (like spicy jambalaya, Great Jones Café-style), the idea here is much more delicate. The poutine is not a gluttonous mound of gravy fries; it’s poutine râpée (round potato dumplings stuffed with lamb). The gumbo is not a loaded mélange of seafood and okra; it’s gumbo z’herbes (which is basically puréed greens, a scoop of brown rice and a drizzling of chili oil).

Now, it’s important to note: The food is fantastic. But the cocktail names are next level. They continue the geographic homage--except to our beloved home, NYC. How could you turn down anything called “Dan Smith Will Teach You to Play Guitar”?

King Bee, 424 E. Ninth St. (between First Ave. and Ave. A); 646-755-8088 or

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