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A ventless fireplace will make over your entire pad
Cooper approves.

Living in New York comes with its fair set of limitations--or should we say rarities: space, privacy, working fireplaces...

Scratch that. Not the last one. You can now buy those.

Hearth Cabinet makes ventless versions that require no chimney, no exhaust outlet, no massive building renovation.

Here’s how it works: It’s a custom-fit structure you can install in any apartment wall or nestle in any corner. (Yes, the first requires a teeny bit of contract work, but the fireplaces are made right here in Brooklyn and approved by both the FDNY and Department of Buildings.)

The system uses a clean-burning fuel (a type of alcohol gel) that emits only water vapor and carbon dioxide (no odor, smoke or ashes). You light a single-use cartridge, close the front gate and enjoy about two hours of stress-reducing coziness.

To order, stop by Hearth’s Chelsea showroom or, starting today, STORY boutique. You’ll choose the style that works best for your space (say, long and wide,or perhaps short and square, starting at $2,200), and the consultant will help you navigate the installation process.

Congrats: You’ve already won the holiday-party game.

Hearth Cabinet, 250 W. 26th St. (at Eighth Ave.), 2nd Fl.; 212-242-1485 or; STORY, 144 Tenth Ave. (at 19th St.); 212-242-4853 or

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