The messenger that brings you money
Even girls with Chanel bags forget cash.

Our new favorite app sort of feels like partaking in a drug deal.

Let us explain.

You need cash. You don?t have time to run to the ATM. You fire up Nimbl.

It?s a money-delivering service that you order via an app (iPhone for now; Android soon to come). Request any amount from $20 to $200 and verify your location--that?s it. A runner will text you when he or she is downstairs. Our delivery guy took about 20 minutes and discreetly handed us an envelope. (See what we mean?) But don?t worry: He was adorable and professional and most definitely not a felon.

So, where does this magic money come from? You, of course. Within the app, you transfer funds via a third-party system like Venmo (which takes all of 15 seconds).

How much is the delivery? It?s $5 a pop.

And where does it go? Anywhere in Manhattan below 90th Street for now. (Expansion is sure to come--once the service resumes following a crazy-successful beta trial.)

Just think: You?ll never touch another deli-ATM keypad again.

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