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The bike seat that doubles as a lock
Can you spot the seat?

Picture it: You’ve chosen the perfect Saturday morning to bike up to the Cloisters. The air is crisp, the sun is shining and the river is gleaming. You’re on cloud nine as you arrive--only to realize that your bike lock is still at your apartment. Eleven miles downtown.

If you’re prone to forgetfulness, Seatylock might just be your new best friend.

As the name suggests, it’s a bike seat that doubles as a lock (aka the most genius two-in-one invention since someone put GPS on a cell phone). Once you've parked, lift the saddle off the frame, unfold hidden chain links, wrap it around a rack and lock it into place. (Added bonus: No one’s gonna steal your seat.)

This multipurpose gadget can fit any standard cycle and comes in two different models. One is narrow and light (dubbed the Trekking saddle). The other is a bit wider and plusher (the Comfort saddle).

Now for the bad news: Seatylock isn’t available until March.

But the good news: You can preorder one on Kickstarter for $85 (they will eventually retail for $129) and be the envy of your biking buds come spring.

So...who wants to do the same thing for our apartment keys?

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