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Things New York is: edgy, cultural, cool. Things New York isn?t: clean.

And we wouldn?t have it any other way.

If you embrace all of the above, you?ll likely appreciate Wall-(m)Art.

It?s a new gallery concept that allows you to ?buy? street art. We know what you?re thinking, and yes, it?s probably illegal. But also? Insanely cool.

Here?s how to score a piece: Shop the collection of existing tags (ranging in price from $123 to $295). Someone from the Wall-(m)Art team will then hang a shiny gold frame around it, affix a name plaque and take a photo of it. You?ll receive the image, a certificate of ?ownership? and the location (which you should visit fairly quickly because, well, it?s graffiti).

No, it?s not an everlasting Central Park bench you can dedicate to your folks on their 50th anniversary. But when your best friend quits her job to travel the world, it is a fairly guaranteed send-off-party mic drop.

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