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The photo booth that turns your party into GIFs
If it's good enough for Gigi Hadid...

A picture is only as good as its lighting.

And it?s even better when it moves.

Have the best of both worlds with Phhhoto, a seriously rad photo booth...that dispenses GIFs.

What it is A gorgeous, flat screen with a simple ring light and an iPad atop an easy-to-move tripod.

How you make it work Um, you do nothing. Just stand in front of the Phhhoto screen. The camera senses your presence, gives you a three-second countdown and then snaps five photos a second, stringing them together like a GIF. (This is when you do something cute: wink, kiss, throw deuces, whatever.) Lastly, enter your phone number (Phhhoto will text you the file) and share it as you please.

How to book a booth Fill out a quick form, including your party date and specifics. (You can also tack on extra equipment like projectors to run a live feed of everyone?s images.) Someone from Phhhoto will reach out and discuss pricing from there.

Where to try it for free On your iPhone. Give it a spin by downloading the app. Then get started documenting your visit to the Guggenheim or flaunting your favorite statement coat.

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