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Van Gogh's paint on your walls
Above, Franz Marc's "Stables," one of the paintings that inspired the Guggenheim Color collection.

Though owning an original Kandinsky or Van Gogh may not be in our cards, we can still channel our love of fine art with Guggenheim Color, the vibrant new line of paints inspired by the museum's iconic artwork.

Available in matte, satin and gloss finishes, the paints come in two collections: Classical Colors, comprised of hues inspired by early-20th-century pieces, and Gallery, modeled after the actual paints on the museum's walls. We opted for the vivid blue from Franz Marc's Stables for our dining room ($45 for a 1-liter can; $110 for 2.5 liters) and decided our kitchen could use the same coat of eggshell white found on the Guggenheim's signature spiraling ramps.

Debating between the moss green from Gauguin's In the Vanilla Grove and cerulean from Pissarro's Hermitage? Purchase a fan deck ($50), which includes coupons for your choice of three four-ounce samples of matte acrylic paint from either collection. Once you've committed to a color, order online or pick up your paints in person at one of the Janovic Paint and Decorating Centers throughout Manhattan.

There's no doubt Frank Lloyd Wright would approve of your brushstrokes.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Ave. (at 89th St.); 212-423-3500 or

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