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Sunsets. Cashmere coats. Jon Hamm. Some things in life make you happy just looking at them.

If you’d like to feel that way about a cookie, meet Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop.

Creator Sogoal Zolghadri uses a simple homemade frosting and gel food coloring to hand paint watercolor-esque treats in her Red Hook Studio.

Everything about her mini works of art is customizable (from shape to color to design to price). For weddings, you could commission your names. Baby showers: Consider a classic storybook theme. Birthdays definitely call for something festive. But a random Friday? That’s for feelings.

As for the taste, expect a classic sugar-cookie recipe with almond extract and a hint of orange zest (meaning they’re not just a pretty face).

At least two weeks in advance of your fête, order online and Zolghadri will deliver to you in the city or ship nationwide.

Now your friends, family and Instagram followers can feel the same about a cookie as you do about Don Draper.

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