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Shyp will mail your packages for you

Look at you being Godmother of the Year. You’ve bought little Liam the perfect birthday gift: a Batman set from the new Flatiron LEGO store that (surprise!) you’ll take him to next time he comes to visit.

The only problem? Mailing Bruce Wayne across the country.

Avoid the ninth ring of hell (also known as the post office) and use Shyp.

Here’s what you do: Download the app. Take a picture of the things you need to mail and enter the details (namely, where they need to go to). Within 20 minutes, a Shyp staffer will come to you, take the items off your hands and handle the rest. No need to hunt down Bubble Wrap or box anything up. Your new carrier pigeon will do everything from packaging to braving said post office or UPS/FedEx store (whichever will cost you the least).

Speaking of costs, the whole service is only $5 on top of postage (which you can choose through a list of rate options before confirming anything).

Think of all the other godmother do-gooding you can accomplish now that government-building lines don’t stand in your way.

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