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Let us take a moment to thank the Internet gods for blessing us all with how-to beauty videos. (We hope you’ve mastered our one-minute smoky eye.)

But sometimes you need someone to roll up her sleeves and show you, in person, how the hell to contour your nose.

Meet your new beauty guru: Raychel Wade of Cheek to Chic.

She’s not just any old makeup artist. (NYC is, of course, crawling with those.) Wade specializes in teaching professional techniques to common folk.

Attend one of her new makeup master classes, where you and nine fellow pupils will get an overview of basic skills and helpful everyday tips--say, a better way to approach blush (hint: you should actually use a much brighter color than you think).

The classes are purposefully small so that Wade is able to field everyone’s questions and give personalized attention. She actually offers entirely one-on-one makeup lessons and guided shopping trips (by appointment). But since those range in price from $250 to $425, she decided to add the option of similar instruction for less--hence group love was born ($150).

Email to hear when the next dates come available.

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