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CSAs are a beautiful thing, obviously.

But what if you missed the seasonal opt-in deadline? Or aren’t sure about forking over hundreds of dollars up front? Or have plans to be out of town and don’t want to toss boxes full of Romanesco broccoli?

You can instead shop on Farmigo, a new start-up that allows you to buy individual grocery orders, straight from New York farmers.

It works like this: Neighbors, coworkers or other networks can start a “community” on the site and set a weekly delivery time and place. Members of those communities then place their orders online and pick up during the allotted window.

But this is no homogenous, pre-determined box that goes out to every member--the orders are entirely up to the individual. Having people over for dinner this week? Stock up on extra pork chops. Got a hankering for homemade salsa? Throw in some extra jalapeños. Traveling next week? Don’t order anything.

Search the map to find open-to-the-public communities near you. Or, hell, start one at your own office. (Companies like One Kings Lane and NBC-Universal have private communities.) That way, the rainbow carrots come to you.

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