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Why do 40-year-olds still get pimples? Can someone please explain that?

Well, you may not be able to control that one rogue pore. But you can get a little free advice from the folks over at Dermalogica.

Yep, free. In an effort to educate people on the basics of proper skincare, the established company is doling out what it’s dubbed Face Mapping consultations (aka mini facials) at select stores.

Before you start thinking this is some kind of department-store “freebie” that results in $103 worth of lip gloss, hear us out. We recently stopped by the Soho store to give the service a whirl and felt zero pressure to buy anything. In other words, you get to stick with your $5 Neutrogena face wash and still be enlightened about your problem areas.

A staffer will peer at your face through a magnifying glass to assess 14 key facial areas--finding things like dehydration in the cheeks (wrinkle alert), hyperpigmentation on your ears (yes, sunscreen should go there) and congestion in the T-zone (well, duh). You’ll be able to discuss diet, lifestyle and environmental factors and then, naturally, walk away with a bag full of samples.

You know, for scientific research.

Dermalogica, 110 Grand St. (at Broadway); 212-219-9800 or

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