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Meet the brains behind this iconic image.

Sometimes, you watch a documentary to relish in familiar faces. (Elaine Stritch, you?re forever our hero.) But other times, half the fun is discovering someone new (to you).

For us, that was Saul Leiter as the curmudgeonly subject of In No Great Hurry.

He was a prolific photographer who lived in and documented Greenwich Village from the ?50s until his passing last November. Relatively out of the spotlight until his later years, Leiter made a living early on by shooting covers and features for Harper?s Bazaar and Vogue.

The fine-art world lauds him as one of the pioneers of color. (You may recognize his signature images of a bleary day with the jolt of a red umbrella or rainy atmospheres viewed from behind a window.)

In No Great Hurry follows the elderly photographer as he shuffles around his massive apartment, attempting to clean out the decades? worth of clutter (basically the opposite of Bill Cunningham?s tiny, meticulous place) and periodically breaking to go outside and photograph more (the results, we?re sure, will be just as nostalgic in another 60 years).

It?s slow, reflective and the perfect rainy-day watch.

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