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Street dance gets its first dedicated studio
Teach us your ways.

By show of hands, who knew there was an actual skill called voguing?

Well, there is. And you can learn it at Exile Professional Gym, the city’s first studio focused entirely on street dance.

Who cares about yet another dance studio, you say? EXPG is not just a crowded room where you memorize routines (still love you, Broadway Dance Center). Here the concept is more about teaching specific fundamentals (ahem, that you could bust out at the next birthday party).

Classes are categorized by fundamental. So, choose among voguing, waacking (think: ’70s disco), popping, locking (yes, those are two different classes) and the like.

A typical class begins with a warm-up of isolations and stretches. Then the instructor will spend time teaching the technique you’ve signed up for. After you’ve mastered the basic idea, you’ll learn a short routine that features it. Then it’s repeat, repeat, repeat to perfect it.

We eased in with a beginner hip-hop class, which obviously doesn’t center on one particular form. But within that class, the teacher zeroed in on arm waves and body rolls--two groundwork moves.

Because you just never know when a good body roll will come in handy.

$10 for first class; 27 Second Ave. (at Second St.); 646-461-2123 or

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