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Spend your next group outing solving a mystery
Miss Scarlet getup optional.

Picture it: You and your 11 closest friends enter a room not much bigger than a studio. The door is locked, and the timer is set. You have 60 minutes to get out.

No big deal.

(Totally big deal.)

Presenting Escape the Room, one of the most challenging, frustrating, nerve-racking and crazy-awesome things we’ve done in NYC.

Here’s why: You can’t just unlock the door. (Where’s the fun in that?) It’s a mystery game where you have to follow a series of clues to eventually be released. Think: A key hidden behind an object opens a lock, which holds another clue to find another key, and so on.

There are five different games to choose from between two locations (downtown and Midtown). Decide which setting (office, apartment, etc.) best suits your group and book a date ($28 a person).

We recently tried our hand at the theater, which holds up to 12 and has a whole lot of clues and a whole lot of puppets (about as creepy as it sounds but not actually scary). And guess what? We failed.

Only about 20 percent of groups solve the entire thing. Think you can, smarty-pants? Tell us how it goes.

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