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Where to donate things (that aren?t your old jeans)
Cause...yeah. Not real life.

Ahhh...?tis the closet-flipping season. You?re (slowly) bringing out the sweaters and boots. You?re (hopefully) editing out the things you haven?t worn in a year. And you?re (maybe) even reconsidering a little home-decor refresh while you?re at it.

Sure, you already know the neighborhood thrift store that will accept your low-rise Citizens from 2006. But what about the wild-card pieces it won?t?

Here are a few tips:

Unusable clothing and linens The white jeans with the barbecue stains, the towels with the bleach spots, the sheets your dog decided to have as a snack? Take ?em to H&M. Yep. The retailer will give you a 15-percent-off coupon for donating recyclable textiles. (Your local farmers? market does the same--just without offering a discount on a new bomber jacket.)

Old bridesmaid dresses Ain?t nobody got closet space for that. (And no, you really aren?t going to wear a floor-length apricot gown again.) Donate them to the Chelsea- based initiative WGIRLS, which collects prom-appropriate dresses year-round.

The coffee table you aren?t feeling anymore Both the Society Boutique (the UES thrift store benefitting Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) and Housing Works (serving the HIV/AIDS community of NYC) will pick up furniture donations free of charge.

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