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Rent a flatbed tricycle to sell whatever you like
We'll buy what they're peddling.

Hey you, the crafty one. You make a mean _________ (crocheted turban, refurbished vintage bracelet, hand-stamped tea towel). Awesome.

But then what? Have you ever thought about actually selling those bad boys?

Peddler Pop-Ups has a handlebar on the situation. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) The company rents out flatbed tricycles that can be turned into mobile pop-up shops.

The idea came from New Yorker Danielle Baskin as a creative way to sell her hand-painted helmets without the expense of a storefront. She was inspired by the design of the 1930s Good Humor trikes and even uses that same manufacturing company in Brooklyn to build them.

Rent one by the day for $150, which includes the trike (equipped with a Square-enabled iPad for mobile transactions) and personal advice on setups, selling and routes. If you need extra help with signage and merchandising (or an experienced salesperson), Baskin and her team can do it all for you (starting at $450 for the day).

First stop, Smorgasburg. Next stop, Shark Tank.

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