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Professional Profile Photos
Meryl's daughter agrees.

Breaking news: People are Googling you. And your profile photo speaks volumes.

Ladies, it’s time to up your LinkedIn game. Here are some ideas to consider:

Hire a professional New York is crawling with legit photographers (and even good-enough amateurs). If you know one, book one. If you need a rec, we adore Jenny Anderson. She’s a Broadway veteran, and her specialty is taking portraits for creative types. If you skew more corporate, Matt Greenslade is another stellar option.

Get your makeup done Before you start screaming, What do false eyelashes have to do with my Harvard degree? hear us out. You get a mani before an interview, so why not an eyeliner upgrade for a photo? It just elevates your overall package score. Book an appointment at Rouge New York (or have Glamsquad come to you), and let the pros make your assets pop.

But otherwise be natural Choose an environment and an outfit that send the right message, but don’t worry about staging too much. A flattering blouse and a warm background (say, an office sofa) are enough. The main thing you should focus on is coming across as comfortable and confident.

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