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Wandering Bear Coffee
This is your brain on obsession.

It’s 3 p.m. on a Wednesday. You’re knee-deep in an Excel spreadsheet that would make Milton cry. A serious pick-me-up is in order.

You either:

A) Disrupt your entire thought process and run to the Starbucks downstairs.

B) Settle for whatever burned, day-old drip is residing in the communal Mr. Coffee pot.

C) Plead with your office manager to put Wandering Bear in the budget.

The new coffee brand is pimping out offices across Manhattan with artisanal cold brew, packaged boxed-wine-style. Sign up for regular deliveries and receive at least a case (currently $72 for three boxes, totaling 36 cups) on either a weekly or semiweekly basis.

The boxes nestle perfectly in your company’s refrigerator, and you can pour a cup without ever having to move anything, thanks to a handy side spigot.

But convenience and logistics aside, how does it taste? Insane. (As in, you could chug it black, it’s that smooth.)

To order, email Or give it an initial test run by purchasing a single box at Barry’s Bootcamp.

We have a feeling this may be happening to that Mr. Coffee pot pretty soon.

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