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Rooftop Movie Night
See ya in October.

Like you need a reminder, but the clock’s ticking on summer, guys. (Weeps.)

So why not rally some friends and go out with a bang? DIY movie night it is.

Here are some party-planning tips for playing cinema at your apartment.

Where to host it A rooftop or backyard space is best, although you may be able to creatively swing a two-seater terrace. Wherever you do it, be sure there’s enough comfortable seating for all. The more blankets, pillows, tufts, lawn chairs, the better.

How to project it Old-school, white-sheet style. Tack it to a wall, fence, chimney, whatever you got, or drape it over a garment rack. Next, you’ll need a portable projector. Some cost as little as $40, but in our opinion, this Wi-Fi-enabled number ($224) seems worth the investment. (Obviously, you’re starting a yearly tradition.)

What to show (and serve) There are two things in this world universally loved by all: nostalgia and a theme. Double up with both, and you’re guaranteed to be the talk of Instagram. We’re partial to The Godfather and mini calzones...but that’s just us.

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