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See you in 90 minutes.

An exorbitant cab ride. An hour-long line for a full-body scanner. The infant that just won?t...stop...screaming.

Enduring LGA or JFK is one thing when you?re about to be on a beach. It?s another when you?re about to present at a major meeting.

Introducing a more relaxed method of business travel: Tailwind.

An amphibious seaplane (a Cessna Caravan to be exact), the semiprivate jet (holding only nine passengers) takes off and lands on water or runways. It departs from the East River and arrives at private terminals at either Dulles (Washington, D.C.) or Logan (Boston). All you have to do is head down 23rd Street (past the FDR) and hop on at the dock. No crowds, no crazy security lines, no excessive arrival times. (Twenty minutes early should do it.)

To book a flight, enter your info on the site, and Tailwind will email you the official schedule. (There are one to two flights a day.) Then you book directly through email, concierge-style.

Now for the cost: A flight ranges from $450 to $650 each way. But if you?re already expensing a business-class ticket, doesn?t it only make sense to chop your travel time in half?

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