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32 Degrees Weatherproof
Metallic puffer jacket; inside Apartment 32

Much like Barack Obama, we've always had a soft spot for 32° Weatherproof's fashionable yet functional sportswear and cold-weather gear. So naturally we were thrilled to learn of the brand's first-ever stand-alone pop-up store, Apartment 32°, which opened a few weeks ago on West Broadway and will sell goods through the end of February.

The temporary Soho space is set up to look like a Manhattan apartment (albeit a large one), and the staff wants shoppers to feel like they can come and just hang out. Upon arrival, we were politely asked to leave our iPhones at the door--so as not to disrupt the other guests with our yapping and texting--and grab a seat on the couch with a mug of freshly brewed espresso.

That said, the real reason we stopped by was to peruse the collection.

First, we browsed the inner-wear: The heat-absorbing long-sleeved shirts ($15) and soft-shell shield jackets ($68) are both great for warmer weather or as extra defense on really cold days. Next we went for the coats, which range from mid-thigh rain-resistant slickers ($118) to waist-length, quilted down ski jackets ($98)--all non-bulky and super warm.

Our ultimate pick, however, was a svelte metallic puffer coat ($118); its oversized pillow collar and elastic belt keep the silhouette stylish for a look that's both slope and city appropriate.

Not a bad way to stay warm while looking cool.

Apartment 32°, 345 West Broadway (between Leonard and Worth sts.); 646-559-2079 or

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