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Hollywood hits the Catskills.

Whichever generation you fit into (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials or a blurred line that?s not quite definable), we can all appreciate a good 30-somethings identity crisis. You know, something like The Big Chill.

News flash: That was made over 30 years ago.

Enter About Alex, a new indie flick that aims to modernize the concept of reuniting out-of-touch friends in the age of smartphones, social media and over-sharing (but under-communicating).

Similar to the 1983 Oscar nominee, the story revolves around a suicide that turns into an unlikely weekend reunion. But here are the updates: This time it?s set upstate, and Alex (yep, same name as before) only attempts suicide--therefore he?s involved in the group?s struggles to reconnect.

Plot comparisons aside, the real reason to see it is for the cast of familiar faces and surprising, emerging talent. Why wouldn?t you want to spend 90 minutes watching April from Parks and Rec spar with Schmidt from New Girl?

Now playing at Village East Cinemas, 189 Second Ave. (at 12th St.); Time Warner Cable video on demand; and iTunes

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