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Quiet Events
Shhh...we're busy.

You know you love a good dance party. Shaking it with your girls to Beyoncé? Doesn?t get better. Weddings? The ultimate. Coming within ten feet of Marquee? Oh, hell no.

Luckily, we recently discovered a fun way to get down, that doesn?t involve bottle service, half-buttoned shirts or deafening dubstep drops.

Quiet Events is an NYC-based company that uses individual headphones to let you choose your preferred style of music and, best of all, volume level.

Here?s how it works: At a gathering (either organized by them or hosted by you), each attendee is given a clean pair of wireless headphones, which are equipped with transmission switches on the side. Three different DJs spin simultaneously, while partygoers flip between the options as they like.

Colored lights indicate which DJ you?re hearing. So if, say, the green station is playing a too-long techno remix of Rihanna, you can switch to blue, where a rousing chorus of ?P.Y.T.? is in effect. Suddenly, you?re slapping your friends, getting others to flip over and reinvigorating the vibes.

The next Quiet Events headphone party is this Friday at Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Astoria ($5).

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