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The perks of having a dog: snuggling in the morning, playing fetch at the park, staging hilarious videos...

Wrestling one in a bathtub? Not so much.

That?s why Barn for Furry Friends (get the acronym?) is so genius.

It?s a simple storefront with professional-grade washing tools, meaning you can give Fido a bath in somebody else?s tub. No more tracking dog-run filth into your apartment. No more bathroom wars. No more expensive groomers? visits.

Walk in and plop your pooch in a steel sink (it?s waist-level on you and, yes, there are ramps for big dogs). Brush your pup to remove excess hair and loosen any dirt, then lather up with the shampoo of your choosing (pick from brightening, deodorizing or hypoallergenic). After towel-drying the little bugger, use the low-temperature dryers to finish the job.

A single wash is $15, and everything is covered (obviously, treats too). But if you?re a regular, an unlimited-use subscription is well worth the money: $150 for six months or $275 for a year.

Here?s the deal, though: BFF is in Greenpoint. Don?t live in the neighborhood? Mark our words: It?s only a matter of time before these places pop up on every NYC street corner.

Barn for Furry Friends, 192 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn; 718-349-8705 or

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