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To the blenders!
JUS by Julie

Hangry: adj. 1) the combined feeling of hungry and angry; 2) a juice-cleanse-induced state that rivals Britney with an umbrella.

If you celebrated America a little too hard this past weekend (third hot dog?s the charm), a couple of green juices are always the ticket to getting back on track. The only problem is the aforementioned insanity caused by living on liquids alone.

But we?re going to let you in on a little secret: Not all juices have to be cold-pressed. It?s time to go blended. The process keeps vegetables? skin, pulp and--best of all--fiber intact. The texture feels like a smoothie, just without the dairy.

Two local companies are leading the charge in the trend. LuliTonix?s kale-heavy mixtures are bottled right here in NYC and can be found at a handful of yoga studios and markets (but delivery is also available within the city). Our pick: The Kick! blend is shockingly appetizing, thanks to the sweet additions of mango, mint and lemon.

For a little more variety in flavor combinations, Brooklyn-based JUS by Julie offers 19 blends (psst...the Island Coconut tastes like you?re cheating). It?s sold in fewer retail locations, but it does ship overnight.

If Britney could make it through 2007, you can make it through a light lunch.

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