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Remember last September when your A/C gave out and you were all, ?It?s practically winter. I won't need to deal with this for another nine months.?

Well, it?s now officially hot-as-[insert expletive] season and you need an air conditioner if you want to, like, not die.

Enter Aros.

Billed as the world?s first ?smart? air conditioner, the Aros cools up to 350 square feet and fits any standard window. The difference is that it connects wirelessly with a corresponding app to give you more usage control and money-saving options.

First, the usage: Via the corresponding app, you can turn on and adjust the Aros from literally anywhere. But you can also set it to intuitively know when you?re close to home (say, entering your building?s lobby) and automatically start cooling.

Now, the budgeting: Aros will keep track of your A/C spending each month and then make setting suggestions based on your preferences and the upcoming weather forecast. (So it might turn itself off around 2 a.m., when the temp dips into the 60s.)

Over time it learns your habits and makes even smarter suggestions. (The $300 price tag is already paying for itself.) Oh, and it?s also supremely svelte and handsome.

Not that we?re attracted to an air conditioner or anything.

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