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Other Criteria
Don't worry, not everything is "Mickey"-priced.

Weirdos are the best. So when we heard that Damien Hirst was selling photo-printed toilet paper at a new shop in Soho, we booked it to Broome Street.

While you can score multi-thousand-dollar originals from Hirst and friends there (you will haunt our dreams, 1992 Kate Moss photo), the boutique also hawks a handful of eccentric trinkets at reasonable prices.

Here, our favorite affordable pieces at Other Criteria:

1. Those infamous iron-on form ($14) Your grocery tote is now exponentially cooler.

2. A cigarette-filled ashtray, ya know, for decoration ($16) This scaled-down replica of a Qatar exhibit piece will definitely start a conversation when perched on your coffee table.

3. A human-anatomy jigsaw puzzle ($20) It?s 750 pieces of previous Tate Modern goodness.

4. Toilet paper signed by Tim Noble and Sue Webster ($40) Known for turning trash into abstract treasures, the British duo forked over some autographs in the name of attainable art.

5. A silk scarf with hidden innuendo ($170) A totally ladylike accessory by Peregrine Honig--except for the illustrated rooster and the word ?sucker? delicately woven in.

Other Criteria, 458 Broome St. (at Mercer St.); 646-762-0123 or

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