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Breaking news: People in Williamsburg like reclaimed-wood flooring, Pendleton blankets, exposed rafters and weird claw-foot tubs with handheld sprayers.

So when we first heard about Urban Cowboy, a new L-train-accessible bed-and-breakfast with a hipster-cabin vibe, we thought: So what? Then we made a visit to the inn, which recently opened in a painstakingly converted Powers Street townhouse. And holy Edison bulbs, were we impressed.

All joking aside, the look of the Cowboy is less “trendy, Restoration Hardware nostalgia” than it is “quirky and beautiful--like your grandpa’s secret reading room.” That’s because owner Lyon Porter sources his furniture, building materials and tchotchkes from flea markets and estate sales all around the country, ensuring that his finds (which range from potbelly stoves to hundred-year-old tubas) are all one of a kind.

Though each of the inn’s five bedrooms (rates start at $100 a night) has its own rusticated charm, our pick for a weekend staycation is definitely the Kanoono Cabin, which feels a little Twin Peaks and a little Wes Anderson--in a very, very good way.

Book a night for yourself or an out-of-town guest, and we doubt you’ll leave without picking up a design idea or two.

Urban Cowboy, 111 Powers St. (between Leonard St. and Manhattan Ave.); 303-903-2237 or

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