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Uber has sorta changed our lives. You can fire up a car request in just a few clicks, then ride in comfort and hop out without ever swiping a card.

That is, unless it’s 9 a.m. and getting an Uber (or a cab...or a spot on the 6 train) is basically the Hunger Games.

Enter Via, a new service that lets you share a car to work with neighbors.

Here’s what you do: Download the app and request a pickup before you head out the door. Via will text you how long the wait will be (usually about ten minutes) and where your driver will pick you up (most likely the nearest avenue). You can then expect a clean, comfortable SUV and a neighbor or two (who are going to the same general area) in tow.

We tried it last week and it couldn’t have been easier or more pleasant. Because everyone is hopping on and off at major avenues, it’s rather speedy. Oh, and no matter where you’re going, the price is $8 flat. For now, Via is beta testing for trips from the Upper East Side to Midtown (and vice versa) for $4. But soon enough, more neighborhoods will be added.

“May the odds be ever in your favor” no longer applies to Lexington Avenue.

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