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Public House Wine
Sheep Meadow is calling.

The Philharmonic in the park, day trips to the Rockaways, lazy Sundays on the roof--all beg for a spread of snacks and a little something to sip on.

Say hello to summer’s new best friend, Public House Wine.

The concept is simple: Red and white wines in easy-to-carry boxes. Each package has a handle on the top, a spigot on the side and comes with a stack of ten plastic cups. No clinking bottles to wedge in a tote bag and no corkscrews to remember.

Because one box holds four bottles’ worth, Public House is obviously best shared among a large group. But if you’re with a smaller crew and don’t quite finish it all, the vacuum-tight bags will keep the wine fresh for up to six weeks (far longer than a glass bottle, we might note).

Sound a little like Franzia? Well, it is--except Public House isn’t alcoholic Kool-Aid. The New York-based company sources from Chile, so expect a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and a smooth Cabernet Sauvignon. Nothing fancy, but it’s a perfect complement to your Murray’s cheese and Fairway olives.

$38 a box; available at local retailers

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