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Kailash Parbat
These are just the starters...

We fancy ourselves worldly ladies. (Fact: One member of Team PureWow recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Really.)

So upon hearing that New York got its first Sindhi restaurant, Kailash Parbat, we naturally made a beeline to Rose Hill.

If you need a little geographic refresher, Sindh is a current-day province of southeast Pakistan and borders the Punjab region (which includes northern India). So it only makes sense that Sindhi food is very similar to that of its eastern neighbor. Think: saucy veggies and a whole lot of naan.

At the all-vegetarian (and all-made-from-scratch) Kailash Parbat, you’ll recognize quite a few crossover dishes from traditional Indian menus. (We could’ve eaten 14 bowls of the spicy mashed potatoes, called pav bhaji.) But more importantly, there’s an entire section dedicated to Sindhi specialties. We went with the sai bhaji, which is basically saag except loaded with chickpeas, garlic, dill and other magical spices we gobbled up too quickly to pinpoint.

Whatever you load up on first, though, don't leave without trying the kulfi falooda, a condensed-milk ice cream that will make you forget you’re on Lexington Avenue.

Kailash Parbat, 99 Lexington Ave. (at 27th St.); 212-679-4232 or

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