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It's okay, you can curl back up now.

An honest mirror, a pair of comfortable flats, Chinese takeout on speed dial--there are certain things in life to which you should always have easy access.

Why should a doctor be any different?

Pager is a new app that functions just like Uber--but for requesting an at-home doctor visit. (The guy who started it actually helped launch Uber.)

Say you just came down with a gnarly stomach bug. Rather than lumbering into some sweatpants, hailing a cab and waiting among other infectious New Yorkers at the urgent-care clinic, you could fire up Pager from your couch, select your symptoms and request that a doctor come to you. You may have to wait an hour for someone to get to your apartment, but relaxing at home with Netflix is way better than bearing the average two and a half hours in a public ER.

The general practitioners on staff are all board-certified, treat both adults and children and can prescribe medicine. You will pay an upfront fee (starting at $199), but some insurance plans will actually reimburse it. (Maybe check on your personal coverage ahead of time.) Currently, the service is only accessible on nights and weekends in Manhattan, but borough-wide 24/7 availability is in the works.

Now, who?s bringing us the chicken soup?

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