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Central Park App
Walk, tap, listen, learn.

It?s prime Central Park season, y?all! (If you need us, we?ll be firmly planted at the new Tavern on the Green.)

But as many times as we?ve strolled through The Mall and sipped Chardonnay at the Boathouse, we?ve never actually taken the time to learn the history behind it all.

That?s why the Central Park Conservancy teamed up with a gaggle of New York celebrities to relaunch the park?s app. (Yeah, we had no idea it existed, either.)

Everyone from John Lithgow to Scarlett Johansson lends their voices to narrate two-minute clips about the big landmarks (41 in total). For instance: If you?ve ever wondered about the gorgeous ceiling mosaics in the Bethesda Terrace arcade, listen to Sigourney Weaver recount their past. Or when you get curious about where the wildlife in Turtle Pond comes from, Jason Alexander will fill you in. (Hint: Many animals were once pets of NYC residents.)

The app also features an interactive map (oh, that?s where are the restrooms are), so whenever you come across a part of the park you?d like to learn about, tap the map and its audio guide (or information) will pop up.

You don?t have to be physically ambling through the park to take advantage, but wouldn?t you rather be?

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