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Holey Donuts of each?

Diets are weird. One minute it’s “all bacon, all the time.” The next it’s “intermittent liquefied kale only.” But regardless of the current craze, your best bet for keeping on track is through moderation and simple, smart choices.

So when you need a little indulgence, turn to Holey Donuts.

The popular online retailer turned brick-and-mortar outpost in the West Village uses the exact same ingredients as traditional doughnuts (like real sugar and Pillsbury flour). It’s the cooking technique (specifically, the avoidance of deep-frying) that’s different. A Boston cream treat from Holey Donuts has only five grams of fat, compared with Dunkin’ Donuts’ 16 grams.

Now for the big question: “Does it taste diet-y?”


Mind you, these are no Doughnut Plant-caliber, inappropriate-noise-inducing little numbers. But they’re also nothing like hard-as-rocks Snackwells, which would survive the apocalypse. Holey Donuts’ treats are warm, fresh and frosted to order--a vast improvement on the traditional model of sitting out in baskets all day.

Make sure to try a raspberry-vanilla truffle and the cinnamon bun middles (our personal faves). Then, hell, have two more.

Holey Donuts, 101 Seventh Ave. S. (at Grove St.); 212-252-3365 or

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