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League of Kitchens
Won't you be our neighbor?

It’s been a long (okay, fine: insane) workweek, and like the rest of us desk monkeys, all you wanna do come Saturday is chill out and eeeeat. Sure, you could order your same old eggs Benny around the corner, but why not get your fill while learning a few new tricks along the way?

Enter the League of Kitchens, which offers intimate cooking classes in the homes of the city’s best immigrant chefs. We recently took a Lebanese-for-dummies lesson in Bay Ridge ($195 for five and a half hours), and it’s safe to say we’re now master yogurt dip makers.

With all the warmth and patience of a favorite aunt, the instructor, Jeanette, taught us that whipping up yogurt (yes, actual yogurt) from scratch is mega-easy, that mahlab (a nutty Middle Eastern spice) goes with basically everything and that the real way to eat tabbouleh is to take a romaine leaf, rip and scoop.

You may need to be rolled to the subway (between the taste testing, hummus grazing and eventual group dinner). But in addition to the heaping leftovers, you’ll leave with a few new friends, a treasure trove of recipes and even an adorable mini spice kit to get you started on your own.

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