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Test your dog's DNA
Love me, love my DNA.

You know your mutt loves chicken bones, cuddling and barking at phantom squirrels outside the window.

What you don't know: what the hell she is. (Yorkiepoo? Maltese Schnoodle?)

To answer the question of her lineage once and for all, why not call in the help of a Wisdom Panel DNA kit ($80)?

Essentially 23andMe for dogs, Wisdom Panel tests your pooch?s saliva to learn about her lineage--namely, breed ancestry dating back to her great-grandparents.

The kit comes with two cheek swabs, which you use to collect a sample from the inside of your dog?s mouth. Mail them back in the prepaid shipping envelope, and two to three weeks later you?ll get an in-depth analysis of your pup?s DNA. Think reports on parentage, health expectations and typical breed characteristics (motivated, intelligent, keen sense of smell, etc.).

While Wisdom Panel is obviously great for mutt owners, it?s also a useful tool for confirming the authenticity of a pure or designer breed canine. We, for instance, recently tested our 4-year-old miniature Goldendoodle (or so we thought). The results were shocking. Turns out Cooper isn?t a Goldendoodle at all, but rather a poodle/Brittany/Labrador hybrid. (Labritoodle?)

Don?t worry. We don?t love him any less.

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