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Terrible things in life: Finding a hair in your salad. The DMV. Bra shopping.

Here to help with that last one is ThirdLove, a new lingerie company that calculates your measurements via your iPhone.

Yes, you read that right. Your cell phone knows your cup size.

Here’s how it works: You download the ThirdLove app and stand in front of a mirror wearing your best bra and a tight-fitting tank top. The app talks you through taking a few photos of your bust--both straight on and from the side--and then determines your ThirdLove size accordingly. Don’t worry--it’s an algorithm that does the work, not some creepy dude in a basement somewhere.

Once you’ve determined your measurements (which will look a bit different from the A, B, C sizing you’re used to), you can shop the ThirdLove collection of super-cute plunges, demis, balconettes and T-shirt bras ($34 to $74). Customize away with pretty lace and bows, and expect your order to arrive a few short days later.

“But does it work?” you ask.

We, too, were skeptical. But after dutifully photographing our bosom and ordering a hot-pink demi, we were pleasantly surprised. The bra fit perfectly. And the experience was remarkably painless.

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