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Every day, you take your Synthroid (hi, thyroid), your Zyrtec (stupid spring) and your blood pressure medication (no strokes for you).

It’s not a hard trifecta to master, except for the times when you accidentally take two of one medication... or zero of all three... or can’t remember what you did toss back and panic-swallow an extra dosage.

Here to help is PillPack, a new online pharmacy that mails your meds in presorted daily packages with clear instructions about what you need to take and when.

Once you sign up, PillPack will reach out to your old pharmacy and transfer all of your existing prescriptions. (You won’t have to lift a finger.) Then each month they’ll send you a box filled with day-by-day packets, each marked with the date and time it should be opened. Every day, you just grab the corresponding pack, toss it into your purse and take your meds when you’re supposed to.

PillPack currently ships to 32 states and is compatible with most major insurance plans. Your copays will stay exactly as they are now, and the service itself costs $20 per month.

Trying to justify that $20? Just think back to the time you waited in line for 40 minutes at Rite Aid.

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