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Milk Bar
Photo courtesy of Gabriele Stabile

When chef David Chang opened Momofuku Milk Bar two years ago, dessert fiends went nuts (no pun intended) for pastry chef Christina Tosi's unique combinations of the sweet, the crunchy and the just plain inventive.

But while it's definitely worth the trip to sample the famous crack pie and compost cookies in person, there's some good news for those of us without New York plans on the horizon: the brand-new, all-inclusive Milk Bar cookbook.

Often riffing on childhood flavors and American classics, Tosi's treats range from sweet to supersweet, and the recipes from remarkably easy (Cereal Milk) to ambitious (grapefruit passion curd). Plus, readers are treated along the way to Tosi's personal story and baking philosophy. (It involves a lot of butter.)

We had good luck with this recipe for chocolate-chocolate cookies, which are fudgy and salty and dangerously addictive. We're equally excited to try some of the kickier creations like cornflake-chocolate-chip-marshmallow cookies and candy-bar pie.

Tosi also offers up a few savory options--kimchi croissants, scalloped potatoes--which, after the sugar rush sets in, might come as welcome relief.

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