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The no-brainer approach to April Fools? Day
You can do better.

Happy April Fools? Day!

We could bring you a bunch of fake stories about how the Loch Ness Monster was spotted with a ?lob.? Or how poison ivy is the new kale.

But instead, we thought we?d let you be the jokesters.

Here, a few of the easiest digital pranks you can play on your near and dear:

Tweet on their behalf Lemme Tweet That for You lets you create a screenshot of a fake Twitter post written under a friend?s handle. Think: ?Stayed home from work today due to Bieber fever? or ?Anybody got a good reco for extra-strength antiperspirant?? Once you create a fake tweet, you can post it to your own social media feeds; everyone will think your pal actually wrote it.

Make them think their car is damaged Work with a guy who?s a little too into his Camaro? Download the Dude, Your Car! app, then add amazingly realistic scratches, dents and broken glass to a picture of his beloved wheels. Send the photo. Await his hellish screams.

Make them think you know celebrities Casually leave your phone faceup on the table. On display: a text from Beyoncé that says ?We on for 7?? Your friends will gawk with jealousy. Only you will know you preprogrammed it using the ingenious Fake-a-Text app.

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