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It’s a common tale: The deliveryman arrives to the office and whaddya know--the flowers are for you! You toss aside the cellophane wrapping only to reveal that your ranunculus has already wilted. What gives?

Well, just like your favorite coffee beans, flowers are a product of the farm-to-consumer system. But what many people don’t know is that most blooms go on a wild ride before you finally smell the roses. In fact, it can take almost two weeks for most flowers to travel from source to storefront (yikes).

Flower Muse is here to change that.

Using what they call Farm Direct delivery, Flower Muse grows flowers at their own farms around the globe and ships them straight to your door within four days of purchase--for the same price as your average retailer.

We recently ordered two dozen roses ($140), and they arrived lickety-split in a bud-break stage (still tight, just beginning to bloom). We immediately cut the stems and placed them in water and, we kid you not, by the end of the day we had bursting David Austin garden roses like we’ve never seen before.

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