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A family member goes missing. Facial-recognition technology and the power of social media are harnessed to bring the victim home safely. Everybody eats a pork chop.

This is not an episode of Without a Trace.

It’s PiP, an app for finding lost pets.

Here’s how it works: Download the free iPhone app (Android coming soon) and register your cat or dog by snapping a few close-ups and paying the $1.50-a-month subscription fee. Then, should your pet ever go missing, you can activate PiP’s Amber Alert System, which informs local animal control, rescue agencies and social media outlets of his disappearance--meaning you don’t have to call 100 different places individually.

Simultaneously, any picture of a found pet that’s uploaded to PiP (either by an official agency or a Good Samaritan) will be analyzed using proprietary facial-recognition technology. If a probable match is identified for a pet that's been reported missing, the owner will be notified tout de suite.

Worried PiP might get confused and suggest the wrong French bulldog for your Bruiser? CEO Philip Rooyakkers maintains that the technology is 98 percent accurate and doesn’t falsely raise hopes. Plus, in the six weeks since its debut, the app has already brought home several lost animals.

Bring on the porkchops.

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