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You know what's better than stressing over the details? Being more of a carpe diem kind of gal.

This fresh approach to life is perfectly captured in endless euphoria Calvin Klein, a radiant new fragrance that exudes a sheer, modern sensuality.

When experienced together, the scent?s four statement-making notes--cherry blossom, mandarin, sandalwood and rose--are addictively provocative. When considered separately, they?re metaphors for four equally alluring types of woman: the girl about town, the globe-trotter, the wild child and the uptown classic.

Click here to meet fascinating examples of each of these women--including PureWow?s editor-in-chief, Mary Kate McGrath--and get an under-the-covers peek at the essentials each keeps in her handbag, from the lip gloss she can't to live without to the new book she can?t put down.

Then visit Macy?s to buy your own bottle of endless euphoria Calvin Klein, and feel the uplifting scent of life bloom anew.

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