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The darling recipe cards you inherited from Aunt Ida. Your grandmother’s instructions for green bean and cheddar casserole. All those clippings from your ’90s-era Bon Appétit subscription.

These gastronomic gems have long graced your recipe box. And while part of you loves their tomato-sauce-stained nostalgia, another part of you wishes you could just, you know, digitize them.

Enter Recifoto.

This free new app is like Instagram for recipes. Users snap photos of physical recipes, then upload them to an eternally scrolling feed.

Much like Instagram, you can “follow” folks whose taste you trust--and hashtag, “like” and comment on their posts accordingly. Unlike Instagram, you can also save your favorites within the app itself, meaning next time you want to make that avocado soup you saw in your feed, you don’t have to dig around searching for it.

We love that you can share recipes with your friends who aren’t on Recifoto via email or social media. And we love the app’s interface, which is refreshingly bare-bones simple.

We’re pretty sure it would get the Aunt Ida seal of approval.

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